Group 41 Incorporated is a diverse group of talented individuals whose skills lie in a broad array of design-oriented arenas. From Industrial and Product design to Architecture, to Real Estate Development, Group 41's professionals are capable of an extensive list of project types. Joel M. Karr, Principal and Owner of Group 41 has an extensive background in large and small scale projects in a broad array of project types. Group 41 also leverages offshore drafting services from a variety of countries and sources for some of its production work, helping to keep fees down by capitalizing on its local "brain trust" of talent, but outsourcing simpler tasks.

Group 41 also believes strongly in "giving back" to the community. We are involved in charitable activities with San Francisco's Hamilton Family Centers for the homeless, AIDS Marathon, and the Japan HIV Center (Joel Karr served as organizer for the first major fundraiser for people with AIDS ever presented in Japan.